Is your office mercury-free?

Yes, Since 2018.

Do you use a rubber dam when removing mercury amalgam fillings? This doesn’t stop mercury vapour but does prevent you swallowing pieces of amalgam as it is removed.


Do you use an ultra-high speed suction? This is placed behind the rubber dam to capture mercury vapour and further reduce exposure.


Are fillings quartered into large pieces to remove? This is the accepted method, as it doesn’t generate all the mercury vapour that drilling out the whole filling does.

Yes, we do.

Do you have mercury vapour collectors in the treatment rooms?

Yes, we do.

Do you have water filters on each water syringe and handpiece? They may even have a “closed system” in which only bottles of sterile water are used.

Yes, we do and all of our systems are filtered.

Are you a latex-free office?

Yes. We are aware that many people have allergic reactions to latex gloves and cleaning cups and hence we have alternatives.

Do you work with other health practitioners who can help me prepare for amalgam removal and help with chelation of the heavy metals afterwards?

Yes we do

Is your office metal-free?

We do use crowns that have a metal alloy base with porcelain baked on top. Some partials and dentures may have a metal frame. For the discerning patient, we have products such as Zirconium which is a transitional metal yet extremely biocompatible.