Ceramic Dental Implants

Yttrium-stabilized tetragonal polycrystalline zirconia (Y-TZP) is the material used for zirconia implants. They are also known as ceramic implants. Zirconia implants are a viable alternative to titanium and may be the right choice for you after discussion with your dentist.

Zirconia implants are also known as ceramic implants and are a viable alternative to titanium. Some of the benefits of ceramic include:

  • No Allergic Reactions
    Although rare, people can have an allergic reaction to titanium and can develop a sensitivity over time. Ceramic implants are bioinert (they do not cause a reaction when introduced to biological material) and are therefore more biocompatible.
  • No Corrosion
    Corrosion of titanium metal implants can lead to dental implant failure/ Ceramic dental implants do not corrode which is a benefit of this material.
  • Aesthetics
    After initial placement, titanium dental implants can be aesthetically pleasing. This can change over time as the dark metal material of the implant may become visible. Conversely, ceramic implants are white and do not corrode producing a more natural appearance.

Discuss with one of our dentists today to see if ceramic implants are the right choice for you.