Mercury amalgam and it’s removal

Dental mercury Amalgam is the major route of mercury exposure for the general public.

Mercury is released during placement of amalgam fillings. Thereafter, if you have amalgam fillings, mercury is released during chewing and while drinking hot drinks, when you have your teeth cleaned and at other times that the surface of the friction of the filling experience, such as when you grind or clench your teeth.

Side effects of mercury exposure can include:

A.  Headaches
B.  Insomnia
C.  Cognitive/neurological impairment, memory loss
D.  Difficulties in verbal and visual processing
E.  Miscarriage, spontaneous abortions, stillbirth, and low birth weights
F.  General weakness
G.  Emotional instability
H.  Tremors

I.    Psychological issues
J.    Endocrine disruption/thyroid enlargement
K.   Dermatological conditions
L.   Anorexia
M.  Delusions/hallucinations
N.  Hearing loss
O.  Renal (kidney) problems

P.   Cardiovascular problems
Q.   Lowered Immunity/ autoimmune disorders
R.   Reduced fertility
S.   Gingivitis, metallic taste, excessive salivation, red or white areas in the mouth
T.   Respiratory difficulties
U.  Unexplained weight loss

Genetic testing is available today, this can indicate if individuals have a certain susceptibility to being more sensitive to mercury than others.

The process of amalgam replacement

Planning for the safe removal of mercury amalgam starts at your first visit.

You will be given dietary advice a list of some specific dietary supplements to start taking. This is in order to get your body into “detoxification mode”.

On the day of treatment we will welcome you into the clinic, then start to put body, hair and facial covers on you to protect you from mercury particles and vapour.

The next step is to isolate the mercury amalgam in your mouth using a rubber dam and sealant. You will have a nose mask for breathing and there will be a high volume air filter to suction away any vapour which is not collected by our dental suction unit.

Your Dentist and assistant will also be fully protected.

The amalgam is removed by using the dental drill to break it up into a few pieces as possible, the mercury is collected and disposed of separately. Your new mercury-free, BPA free restoration will be placed.

You will continue your dietary detoxification supplements for a while after treatment.